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How much money do Solar Panels save?

Understanding the rising cost of electricity is overwhelming. Also when considering how it affects the environment. If you could imagine what difference it would make to your family as well as your home if you didn't need to pay does high electric bills. You could completely eradicate that by installing solar panels. It has wonderful benefits for your home as well as the environment. Installing solar panels in Florida you're taking your energy and putting it in your hands. 

So did you know that on average, the average American family spends in the region of $1,500 to $2,000 per year on electricity costs from fossil fuel sources?  So when you install a solar panel system that can cover up to 100% of your needs that would resolve more than $100 savings, potentially every month. if you're close to this average cost per month your solar panel system should pay for itself in 10 years or less. Utility rates will increase annually it's just what they do, it's just how it is.  At the moment the rates are round about 2.2% per year, but generating your electricity-free solar panels cost the same every year. Solar panels will more than likely last for decades but on average is about 25 years as it stands at the moment. This basically means you have 15 years of free energy and it will have much less of an impact on the environment.


Why choose Solar Energy in Florida?

Renewable solar power is an excellent energy solution. In Florida, there is an average of 237 days per year of sunshine which beats the US average of about 205 days per year. This will make for great savings when you have solar panels installed for your home or your business. It does make sense when you consider the long-term savings. Generating your power to buy solar panels is a very clever investment for clean-cut energy and is also very good for the environment.

What could influence the Cost of Solar Panel Installation?

Age of the Roof

If you have an aging roof or you need any part of your roof to be repaired or replaced, it would be in your best interest to get that done before you have solar panels installed. This is because when you need to get your roof replaced after the installation, you will need to hire the solar panel installer to come back out remove the panels for you and put them back on again.  Rather than have to put up with this inconvenience, it is as well as the cost it is better to have your roof checked and any repairs done before you have the installation of the solar panels.

Issues with the Structure

Structural issues closely related to the age of the roof will add to the cost of the solar panels in some way. If your roof is old, you may need some structural adjustments and you would be better off dealing with this today before you have solar panels installed.  If you decide not to deal with these problems now you will have to deal with having the solar panels removed and reinstalled again after the structural issues are dealt with.  This will cost you more money in the long run. We don’t want that do we?

Roof Angle and Roof Type

It is important that the solar panels are angled for maximum exposure to the sun. This could be a problem with the roof if it's flat but not if there is an angle to the roof. Your contractor may have to put a scaffolding in order to angle the panels to get the most out of them and this will increase your cost of installation.